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The Complete Guide to Microsoft Office 2016 with Windows 10 and How It Compares with Google Docs

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications that is available for use on PCs, tablets, phones, and the web.

Microsoft Office with Windows 10 is the most recent update to Microsoft Office. It can be used with all devices and has many new features. These are some of the best features that come with the new microsoft office with windows 10:

  • Compatibility with iOS
  • AutoSave in Word
  • Live Drawing in PowerPoint
  • Encrypted email attachments
    Microsoft Office 2016 Overview

Microsoft Office 2016 is an office suite developed by Microsoft. It was released in September 2015 for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

This is a list of all the components in Microsoft Office 2016: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access.

Microsoft Office 2016 has many new features that are not available in previous versions of the software. These features include new ways to present content in PowerPoint presentations with more animations and video effects; new ways to work on documents with the introduction of Resilient File System (RFS) which can track changes to documents more reliably; improvements to existing tools such as Outlook with an improved user interface and better spam filtering; integration with Skype for Business which allows users to make HD video calls from within the application suite; integration with Del

Microsoft Word - A Brief Introduction

Microsoft Word is a word processing and text editing application developed by Microsoft. It has been around for decades and its latest version is Word 2013.

It has a total of six different modules: File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, Drawings, and Review. The five main features of the modules are listed below:

1 File - this module is for opening and saving files. Files can be saved in different formats such as .docx or .pdf

2 Insert - this module is for inserting objects such as tables or charts into the document

3 Page Layout - this module contains all the options to format a document with headers and footers or margins

4 Drawings - this module provides tools to create drawings in a document with shapes and lines

Microsoft Excel - A Brief Introduction

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program, and it contains all sorts of useful tools and features that make it easy to build and analyze data sets.

This tutorial will introduce you to Microsoft Excel, and will cover:

  • The Basics: - Navigating the Interface, Working with Cells/Rows/Columns, Entering Data, Working with Lists;
  • Functions: - Summarizing Data with Functions (Mean/Standard Deviation); - Visualizing Data (Scatterplot)
  • Charts: - Showing Time Series Data as a Line Chart; - Showing Historical Trend as a Scatterplot; - Comparing Groups as Pie charts;
  • Advanced Tools: - Nested IF Functions for Complex Comparisons; - Conditional Formatting